Want to start an online store

Want to start an online store

There has always been a question, do you need a website. Yes, if you have a business/company, want to promote it, you have an interest & want to say it to the world or showcase your portfolio, a family tree, or anything. You have all the reasons or you don’t need any reason to start a website. So how do you start?

1. Name for your website

This is the name by which your website is recognised & accessed online. This is also called the domain name of your website. www._____.com . Now you have to decide what fills in the blank. The name can be your business name, unique or anything that is available (yes available) & you feel it is apt for your website. The name can end with .com, .me, .us, .uk, .co.in, .com.br or try the new endings .club, .studio, .pink, .live, .men & more. We have 700+ such TLDs (the endings) for you to search from. The domain has to be purchased & renewed every year. You can even buy it for 10 years.

2. A place for your website

This is known as hosting. It is allotting shared or dedicated space/resources on a web server for your website. By this your website will get a place to hold its design files, email storage for your new email IDs created on your domain name, a database for more advanced websites & the list goes on for what you get from hosting. In simple, your domain is connected to your hosting web space. When your website is visited online www._____.com , then the design files stored in the web space are accessed & shown to the visitor as a properly designed website. There are different hosting plans depending on the required features. In order for your website to show up, hosting has to be purchased & renewed every year. You can even buy it for 10 years.

3. Designing your website

You have a domain & hosting purchased from us, then you have a complimentary Website Builder provided in your hosting account. You can use the Website Builder to design & publish your website. You don’t have time for it, we can design your website. We can use the template, selected by you from the website builder (that has over 200+ templates, which are ready designs) & design a website, which in this case we will call it as a simple website. We call it a simple website because the website builder has its own limitations. It does not mean your website will not be complete or functional. It only means it can not do big things, like storing data, good forms, memberships, user-friendly & attractive features for the website, etc. All this can be achieved if you opt for a professional website. Of course, it will cost a bit more than the simple website, but definitely worth the spending, because the look & feel, features, functions, all give a professional feel. Don’t you want it?

Are you ready for a website? Start with a domain search, add hosting, select a designing package if you would like us to design the website & all set to go. Or, contact us to discuss your thoughts about your website, because we are happy to help you grow.

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