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Cloud VPS Hosting Features

Lightning-Fast SSD

We use lightning-fast enterprise-grade SSD for our virtual private servers to provide optimal speed and capacity.

Full Root Access

You're in complete control over your Cloud VPS; we provide full root-level access to manage your virtual private server.

Fast & Easy Provisioning

Once your order is accepted; your new Linux VPS is quickly provisioned, secured and licensed by our in-house experts.

Secure & Resilient

Secured by our managed enterprise-class firewall; based in a physically secure data centre with uninterruptable power.

Upgrade Anytime

Your Linux VPS is 100% scalable to meet your exact requirements. You can upgrade at any time without downtime.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All plans include Unlimited Bandwidth for your VPS – at no extra cost; we don't impose traffic limits or hidden charges.

100% Network Uptime

With enterprise hardware & multi-routed premium transit providers; we provide a consistent 100% network uptime.

Free VPS Backups

We take daily backups of your virtual server to an off-site location for disaster and file recovery, at no extra cost to you.

Details about Why to choose RICHESD services

Why Choose RICHESD
Cloud VPS Hosting?

You get complete freedom & control over your virtual server. Install what you want & when you want. You run into any trouble, dont forget RICHESD support backs you with technical inforamtion & solutions, scalable resources as per your websites & applications demands. Its the power of a dedicated server at lost cost.

Independent & Fast

Our high-end cloud based platform with 100% enterprise-grade SSD runs on cutting edge hardware with scalable options. We use virtualisation technology to split a large cloud server into smaller virtual servers. Each virtual server acts as if it was a single physical server, completely independent from other virtual servers that may be sharing the underlying hardware.

Plesk or cPanel

Take the innovative control panel Plesk, for WebOps and web hosting or grow your online business with cPanel, the industry leading control panel of choice. Our fully secured VPS images come pre-installed with the latest version of cPanel or Plesk (when selected), making server management and set-up a breeze.

Genuine Support

Not to forget, that our technical expertise is on hand to help and advise you should you run into any difficulties with your service, for suggestions, or be considering upgrading in the future.


A company's success is an ongoing stream of happiness

With the expertise in Server Management, our expert has a deep understanding of how the system work to provide excellent services.

Accredited Datacenters
Load Balanced
Customer Support (as per customer ratings)
Complete flexibility to meet your demands

Flexible & Powerful Solutions

Our virtual private servers provide complete flexibility to meet your demands.


Flexible. Choose a plan or build your own.


$ 14£ 11₹ 1097€ 14

Per Month
10% off for 1 year
20% off for 2 years
30% off for 3 years
1 GB Memory (RAM)
1 Core CPU
20 GB Intel® SSD Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth

$ 27£ 21₹ 2097€ 27

Per Month
10% off for 1 year
20% off for 2 years
30% off for 3 years
3 GB Memory (RAM)
1 Core CPU
50 GB Intel® SSD Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth

$ 45£ 35₹ 3397€ 45

Per Month
10% off for 1 year
20% off for 2 years
30% off for 3 years
4 GB Memory (RAM)
2 Core CPU
100 GB Intel® SSD Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth

$ 14£ 11₹ 1097€ 14

Per Month

Build & Deploy Your Own Cloud VPS Server

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VPS Hosting

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

A Virtual Private Server ("VPS") is traditionally created using virtualisation technology to divide a larger server into smaller 'virtual' servers, each privately isolated from the other virtual servers on the host. Because virtual servers share the same underlying hardware, the costs to the consumer are cheaper than it would be to rent a physical ("Dedicated") server alone. We take a slightly different approach. Rather than dividing multiple physical servers, our VPS solutions utilise large cloud clustering, featuring the same super-fast and reliable architecture as our hosting and reseller services. Our fast SSD storage platform, load distribution, enterprise firewall and networking are just some of the features we employ at our datacentre.
Generally speaking, a VPS is ideal for when you want to be able to manage your web space’s resources without sharing them with other users. We offer a variety of VPS packages, and you can also customise your VPS to your own specification.
We offer you a choice between Webmin, Plesk or cPanel control panels, however you don’t have to use these if you would prefer to use your own solution.
Yes, you can change the specification of your VPS as your requirements change. You can easily add or remove resource on a monthly basis by contacting our support team. There are no hidden costs or fees for changing your requirements, all that will change is your monthly subscription fee.
Yes, you have access to the same great support that we provide for our other hosting solutions. In addition to this, we include our ServerCare Support package at no extra charge, providing you with assistance from experts when needed.
You only ever have to pay us your recurring subscription payment. We don’t charge any setup fees, there are no hidden fees for our services and should you decide to leave us, there are no cancellation fees either.
We are confident that you will be happy with our services, however if you decide you would like to cancel for any reason in the first 30 days, we will refund you the subscription cost of your service.
We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Mobile Payments, Checks/Cheques & Cash. The available modes will vary based on the billing country. But from anywhere in the world the order can be placed & payment can be made.

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